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Foodie Order Case Study

Foodie Order

Online Food ordering Application

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A web application for an online food ordering for restaurants


Provis Technologies Private Limited designed and developed an online food ordering application for restaurants which allows the customers to place delivery and take away orders in an easy and intuitive way via website, mobile apps and Facebook page.


Foodie Order makes the process pleasurable and completely painless for owners and customers alike by providing a friendly and easy to use solution for food ordering with Fast Payments, order scheduling, Social Ordering and many more features.


The client wanted to allow the customers to place orders easily though the social page, mobile apps and website with fast payments. 

Apart from this, the client also needed powerful insights into the system to better understand user behaviour.

Our Strategy

After understanding the requirements, we took to planning the features timeline and development. We focused on building unique platforms with the features like never before with effortless setup and convenient experience. 

We followed the following steps:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

The Solution

We have developed its backend and frontend to scale and with plug in play components. Foodie Order began in the robust, international market of Miami, and its success has brought the service to restaurant owners nationwide.

After following the above steps, we successfully launched the Foodie Order with:

  • Quick set up
  • Accept unlimited orders
  • Fast payments
  • Facebook ordering
  • Schedule orders
  • Easy menu updates
  • Promotion management
  • Reports generation
  • Valuable support
  • Marketing strategy
  • Powerful insights

We ensured the best user experience with a clean and simple interface.

The Technologies we used:

  • Progressive Web Apps 
  • Vue Js
  • Laravel Framework
  • WordPress
  • MySQL Programming
  • Twillio API
  • API Development