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IRX Case Study


Investor Relations Exchange

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A FinTech Solution connecting Investors and Companies


Provis Technologies Private Limited designed and developed a web application for connecting the Investors and Companies for smoother information flow. It serves as a point of contact for better Investor Relations by providing real-time updates.


IRX is an Investor Relations Exchange which connects investors with Companies. It helps provide the latest updates to the investors on the go to make informed decisions.

This FinTech Application helps companies manage the information they want to share with investors and build better relationships.


The client wanted to develop a solution to minimize the gap between company communications and exchanges. So, we helped them build a powerful solution to provide real-time updates and alerts. It needed a visually appealing front-end to engage investors as well as a simple to use backend for companies to manage the data and updates.

Our Strategy

We took a detailed understanding of the client requirements to build a reliable and scalable solution. Being a FinTech application, it had a number of features so we created different development phases and rolled out the web application successfully.

We created a strong backend and database to manage bulk data and high traffic while providing a beautiful front-end.

The Solution

We successfully designed and developed this IRX application which connects investors and companies with: 

  • Issuer Announcements
  • Investor events
  • Private messaging
  • Multiple Stock Exchanges 

We used the following Technologies:

“Provis Technologies is an integral part of our team, we interface with them on an hourly/daily basis, and they are key to the success of our business. They have extremely talented coders and are able to pull off complex challenges remarkably quickly. They are always highly responsive, responsible, available and willing to go the extra mile, a genuine win to work with.”
Founder & Director, IRX