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Nutripure Case Study


An e-commerce website

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An e-commerce website selling dietary supplements


Provis Technologies Private Limited develop an e-commerce website that sells dietary supplements, They have a mission named “DRINKING WATER HEROES”. As per this mission “With the purchase of a product, you are doing yourself something good and at the same time donating 1 month of drinking water .”


Nutripure Ingredients in their pure form, in the best bioavailability, in a clever combination. Premium quality made in Germany & of course, of course. Nutripure products will help you! Choose nutriPURE-Power: ENERGY KICK, MENTALE POWER or ANTI-STRESS … choose the right product for each of your goals and for every situation. The nutriPURE products were developed by naturopaths in collaboration with orthomolecular therapists and food chemists. The ingredients are selected based on their study-based effects.


The Nutripure client wanted to provide a solution for packing bundles. Where they can create a function to sell multiple products in one bundle. The client also wanted many payment method updates like STRIPE and SOFORT payment options and many more changes in the UI. There is some update on the affiliate plugin also like profit sharing as a predefined.

Our Strategy

After understanding the requirements, we took to planning the features timeline and development. Being a huge E-commerce application, it had ample of features so we created a different feature list for each development phase.

The Solution

We successfully updated all the features that clients want to modify in the application. We ensured the best user experience with a clean and simple interface.

Technologies we used: