About App

Friendly signal is a social media app that allows users to chat, and follow their favourite pages and people along with a video call feature. People can post photos and videos for their friends.

Video Call Feature

This app gives you a unlimited free video call feature.

Multiple Image Posting

Instead of posting a single image you can post multiple images at one time.


This app is easy to use, simple and gives amazing user experience

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Download the app now for uploading your favorite photos and videos.

App Features

This app provides a video call feature along with a chatting option. You can like and comment on your favourite posts. Live post feed, easy acceptance, rejection of requests, and much more.

Easy Login

It provides Login with OTP which makes your login details safe. You can sign up with a unique username for your profile.

Multiple Images

Instead of posting one photo you can add multiple images at a time. You can post images with the gallery view feature.

Profile Settings

Acceptance and rejection of friend requests. Keep your profile private or public according to your convenience.

Live Feed

you can check your friend’s latest post simultaneously and you can add likes and comments to the photos and videos.

Interactive Chatting

Real-time chat with interactive options. Like the messages while chatting along with the easy image download feature.

Easy Video Call

Video call your friends along with the options of mute/unmute and speaker and camera on/off features.

Profile View

you can check your uploaded photos and videos on your profile. You can also check all the pending requests.

Reason To Buy

The main reason to buy this application is its flexibility to support the different needs of a company. Its less complexity makes it a reliable application.

Lifetime Free Video Call

This application provides you with a free video call service. You can connect with people at any time without worrying about balance. People can video call and talk for hours without any notification of recharging the balance.

Fast and Real-Time Chatting

While chatting, the speed of message delivery is very important. This application delivers your message in the blink of an eye. It makes your chatting fast.

100% Uptime Cloud Server

This application uses Firebase for Fast and Real time Database, Storage Bucket, Authentication and Cloud Messaging that requires no additional server side setup with high speed and performance.

Clean and Neat Code

This application comes with clean and neat code. This coding is easy to read and maintainable in the long run. It is well-written, simple, and direct. This code can be easily modified.

Easy Customization

This application is designed with less complex and easy customization features. Customization makes the app more convenient to use. This application provides flexibility for the different requirements of a company.

Detailed Documentation

Every detail of this application is easily understandable. Through detailed documentation, a user can easily understand how to use the application. Users can easily operate this application with ease.

Customer Support Service

We offer hassle-free service to our customers. We provide quick solutions to the problems of our users. Our customer support service is available to you 24/7. Feel free to call us any time.

One-Time Investment

This application is a one-time purchase. Because of its features, it is useful for a lifetime. This application is developed with the best features. By spending money for one time you can get benefits for a life time.

Technology We Used

The friendly signal app is developed with the latest technologies. It is developed using Flutter3, WebRTC and Firebase.

Flutter 3

It is a Fast, Multi-Platform App Development Toolkit. Compatible with the latest version and null safety. It supports a cross-platform that is both Android and iOS.


Unlimited Free and Real-Time Video & Audio Calls. Fast, secure connection with low latency. Interactive controls. It enables real-time communications.


Friendly signal is designed with Firestore Database which helps in adding and reading the data. Phone Authentication helps in signing in to firebase, and Storage Bucket helps in safely storing all your photos.

Need Any Customization Contact us

If you need any kind of support, you can contact us. Our customer support service is available 24/7.