About Taxi Taxi

Taxi Taxi provides fast, safe, and reliable services which make it convenient to use. It is a user-friendly application.


User Application

It gives the accurate time to the user about the driver's arrival. Its fast and real-time location feature makes it user-friendly.


Driver Application

It provides the short and best possible routes for drivers to reach a passenger’s location. It provides the accurate location of the passengers.



Taxi-taxi Admin panel - It provides complete control and information of the user and drivers' app. Admin can check ride, user, driver, and booking status from the dashboard.


User Demo

You will get information on what features are designed on the user's side.

Password: Yash@123
driver demo

Driver Demo

You will get information on what features are designed on the driver's side.

Password: $Taxi123


You will get a demonstration of the server side of the app.

Password: $Taxi123
taxi-taxi-admin Backend

App Features

Taxi Taxi app is designed by keeping in mind about preferences of both the user and driver. The features are best and fulfill all the needs of the user and driver.

Drivers' Vehicle summary

Drivers' Vehicle summary

Search user

Search user/driver by name, email, and ID

View of user address

View of user address and bookings

View of ride status

View of ride status.

Details of driver

Details of driver and wallet balance

Booking summary

Booking summary with payment and ride details

Login restricted

Login restricted only for admin

Admin can handle

Admin can handle active/inactive status

Reasons To Buy Taxi Taxi


Clean and neat code

This application comes with clean and neat code. This code is easy to read and maintainable in the long run. It is well-written, simple, and direct. This code can be easily modified.

Easy customization


Easy customization

This application is designed with less complex and easy customization features. Customization makes the app more convenient to use. This application provides flexibility for the different requirements of a company.


Detailed documentation

Every detail of this application is easily understandable. Through detailed documentation, a user can easily understand how to use or set up the application. Users can easily operate this application with ease.



Customer support service

We offer hassle-free service to our customers. We provide quick solutions to the problems of our users. Our customer support service is available to you 24/7.


100% Uptime cloud server

This application uses Firebase for Fast and Real time Database, Storage Bucket and Authentication that requires no additional server side setup with high speed and performance.



One-time investment

This application is a one-time purchase. Because of its features, it is useful for a lifetime. This application is developed with the best features. By spending money for one time you can get benefits for a lifetime.


Free version upgrade

The free version upgrade helps in the smooth working of applications. The constant update boosts user engagement. It helps in maintaining the app by providing new features. The updated version will be provided with the latest technology.



Google Route,Directions, Places APIs

The APIs calculate the short and the best routes available which ultimately saves time to reach the passengers. The calculation of routes helps in the fast arrival of drivers. This timing simultaneously helps the passengers in getting information about how much time the taxi will take to pick them up from their address.


Fast and real-time location update

The location update feature is beneficial for both drivers and passengers. This feature calculates and provides the exact time of the driver. Also, it provides the accurate time of the ride and safe route from one point to another.


Taxi Taxi Technology

  • check Maps SDK for Android and iOS Places
  • check Geolocation & Geocoding
  • check Directions, Routes, Distance APIs
  • firebase Firestore Database
  • Storage Storage Bucket
  • Bucket Bucket Authentication

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