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Growth YoY
Clients Catered


Clients Catered


Years in Business


Years in Business
Growth YoY


Growth YoY
Clients Catered


Clients Catered


Years in Business


Years in Business

The Provis Advantage:
They’re Not Just Our Plus Points, They’re Yours Too …

A Woman Owned Business

You win via your support for our business helmed by a woman.

By giving us your digital projects your affirmative action in support of women entrepreneurs increases your market power.

woman owned business

Accessibility For Countries & Platforms

You benefit from our accessibility standards built into all projects.

accessibility platforms

Ongoing 24x7 Support

You score when we are committed to deploying our stellar support.


No digital project really ever ends. It’s part of our development goal to ensure the client projects we handle can depend on 24X7 care.

Projects With Iron-Clad Security

You reap rewards when we keep projects secure from breach.


We are aligned with ISO/IEC 27001 information security protocols that address people, processes, and technology.

Provis Advantage Woman

Assurance of Impeccable Quality

You advance from our unsparing eye for quality control at every stage.

Every project gets the tightest quality scrutiny aligned with ISO 9001 standards. That’s our gilt-edged guarantee.

Agile Working Environment

You achieve when we give you the advantage of our working systems.


Increased productivity, efficiency, and flexibility, and better client collaboration are the results of our Agile Working Environment.

Commendable Turnaround Speed

Commendable Turnaround Speed

You profit when our work speeds outpace the best in the business.


Coding Done To International Standards

You succeed when we unleash our highest work skills on your projects.

We stay at the cutting edge and continuously upgrade our proficiency so that clients benefit from up-to-date workmanship.

“The Mandate I’ve Set For My Teams At Provis Are All Geared For 100% Customer-Centricity.”

Geetika Sharma Photo Geetika Sharma Photo

“At Provis Technologies, we have worked consciously to create an internal mission and mandate that every team member takes very seriously. It is to keep customer-centricity at the heart of all the projects we handle, all the skills we acquire and sharpen, and all the quality guarantees we give. Our organizational culture supports honesty, a strong work ethic, decency in conduct, and professional competence.”

- Geetika Sharma, Co-founder, Director

“We measure our success by the robustness of our project development and the scalability of the work we do for our clients. This is what clients want most of all from their vendors – good value for the digital solutions’ investments they make. We take our happiness from the customer loyalty we get and the repeat business they give us. We believe in building relationships with our clients. We settle for nothing less.”

- Vivek Sharma, Co-founder, Creative & Technical Director
Vivek Sharma Photo Vivek Sharma Photo

Our Roster Of Satisfied Clients Ranges From Small Businesses To Enterprises, From Diverse Geographies

Case Studies That Exemplify Some Of The Most Complex And Challenging Projects We Have Handled

ChatGPT Integration Services

Improved customer engagement

Chatbots can provide instant responses to customers' queries, thereby improving their overall experience.

24/7 availability

Customers can get answers to their queries at any time of the day or night.

Workload Reduction

Chatbots can reduce the workload of customer support teams, freeing up their time for complex issues.


Benefits and Use Cases

Cost savings

By reducing the workload of support teams, chatbots can help businesses save on staffing costs.


GPT-powered chatbots can analyze customer data and provide personalized recommendations.

Improved sales

Chatbots provide product recommendations or suggest upsells, which lead to increased sales.

We build what we commit, Here's the glimpse of few products we developed

Our Vision
The Provis Vision

Happy clients are our goal. We believe in understanding our customers, listening to their unique ideas, and converting them into desired products and services.

Our Mission
The Provis Mission

We demonstrate integrity by trusting, respecting, empowering our employees, and operating daily with complete authenticity and reliability.

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