We need a solution for or School to get the students out from the school campus maintaining Social distancing and keeping students, staffs and employees safe during this Covid situation.
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Industry : Transport

Project Summary

A custom web app development that streamlines transportation management in an international school. The team manages an AWS-hosted database and utilizes software tools like Vue.js and Laravel.

School Mobile


We create a custom software solution after discussion with the client based on the systematic response to the challenges brought about by COVID-19. In particular, we’ve thought of developing a web app called Carspotter, a platform that streamlines the school’s car management by maintaining social distancing through scheduled car pickups. We send notifications on the student’s devices to notify them of their car’s arrival in order for them to remain socially distanced from one another.The data is managed and goes into an AWS-hosted database. This software solution also allows us to carpool students together when necessary. We has worked on the frontend- and backend solutions of our product, utilizing tools such as Vue.js and Laravel.