The challenges of the project − and how we satisfied all requirements

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What is special about the American Community School, Dubai?

As the website of the American Community School, Dubai states:

“The American Community School of Abu Dhabi is a nonprofit American standards-based curriculum school serving approximately 1,200 students in KG1 through Grade 12 who represent more than 80 countries. Led by our mission, vision and core values, we deliver excellence in our four pillars: Academics, the Arts, Athletics and Service Learning.”

Around 2018, the ACS Board of Trustees led a community-wide effort to map out the near-term future for ACS. Four priorities - each grounded in the school’s vision, mission and core values – were set at the heart of the strategic plan. Moving forward, the school has made a commitment to personalizing learning, growing community, delivering excellence, and inspiring global citizens.

As part of the endeavor to totally modernize and streamline enrollment of students using online systems, the ACS determined to set up an automated pipeline for enrollment payments between the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) and ACS.

What were ACS’s principal requirements?

Essentially, the American Community School, Dubai, needed a newly-built online platform to bring education to students without any interceptions. The objective was to enable the enrollment process and payments to flow easily and frictionlessly between the ADCB and the ACS.

The platform needed an easy-to-use interface that could help students communicate better with teachers in ways that are more efficient and transparent for everyone. The objective was that the platform should enable reliability and total transparency.

What did Provis face as complex challenges?

The predominant challenge for Provis was to develop an API in Laravel that could connect a payment plugin to the website of the American Community School.

The design of the payment gateway page was not as easy as it may sound. In most such projects that seek to modernize the administrative architecture of digital systems, there are invariably some legacy issues to conquer.

In this case, the ability to bring the systems at the ADCB and ACS to a common level, whereby they could communicate with each other through digital linking, was needed.

Also, since enrollments would likely be in large numbers, the system had to be glitch-free and robust enough to take future scaling, as needed.

Problem Identified with high volume transactions
Planning with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank for Integration
API integration in ACS application direct to bank
Fully Functional Platform with Large Transactions
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Problem Identified with high volume transactions
Planning with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank for Integration
API integration in ACS application direct to bank
Fully Functional Platform with Large Transactions
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The Provis strategy that led to the solution!

Before starting with the designing and development process, it was important for Provis to fully comprehend the American Community School’s digital systems and its core functions.

There needed to be a thorough analysis of the requirements to connect the system to ADCB … so a deep audit and analysis was conducted.

Using a step-by-step planning strategy, we delineated the various functions specified to be incorporated in the new system’s enrollment pipeline.

Three areas had to be covered, which we outlined with meticulous care.
  • User Flow Prototype
  • Design
  • Development

Benefits of the strong application we built!


As a result of Provis’ strong technology skills and unstinting efforts, we managed to create a feature-loaded platform that also had an extremely appealing frontend user interface.


Benefits of the strong application we built!Needless to say, the client was delighted – as most of our clients are with our adherence to required specifications, our commitment to excellence, our professionalism, and our relentless quality control.


We also ensured that we gave ACS a system that would last − and scale with ease as the school grew bigger. The ACS website now is able to centralize the process of enrolling students.


Any student using the website can pick any course of choice and start taking classes for the chosen course. The process is well-oiled and smooth, and leads to a great user experience. If supportive documents are needed during the enrollment process, students can upload these straight from their mobile phones.


Enabling software of this nature to students exemplifies the American Community School’s vision for its processes to be future-facing. The idea is to use every technology available to make education progressive, modern, student-centric, and transparent.


Provis is gratified that it has helped the ACS to achieve its objectives with aplomb.

Kudos from the client add to our job-satisfaction!

We, at Provis, value the words of appreciation we have received from our client for the work we completed to their satisfaction. More than that, we value the long-term relationship we have built with our client. Here are the words of client-delight we have loved to hear:

An example of the application in action!