CYB Wear is the most highly developed, technologically advanced, and talented team of industry professionals and innovators. Each product is crafted from the finest materials, has been extensively tested, and is guaranteed to deliver thousands of hours of high-impact entertainment. Among the iconic backdrop of Las Vegas, CYB Wear has been driving high-tech, modern, interactive fashion for well over a decade. Designing vibrant, sensory-responsive, and exhilarating LED clothing, accessories, and transferable panels that elevate any look, CYB Wear delivers our customers with a unique, memorable, and fully interactive fashion experience unlike any other. Whether placing one of our high-resolution, sound-activated panels on the back of your favorite jacket, throwing on one of our brilliant LED panel hats, or embracing the unique design of one of our vivid and lightweight ties, CYB Wear is committed to combining cutting-edge, groundbreaking fashion with the most advanced modern LED technology to deliver a fun, bright, and memorable look.
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Industry : Ecommerce

Project Summary

We have customized a shopify theme as per the client requirement. CYB Wear has delivered high-impact, sensory-driven fashions that illuminate and spark imagination since 2009 so that client wanted to develop a online platform to sell their products.

Project Summary
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We have customized a Shopify readymade paid theme for the company to sell their product to their customer. The website shows the user all the detail of the products including the product technical specification. The website also runs a wholesale program in which a user can enroll to get different prices on product bundles in comparison to the normal users.

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