Karb-tech is a retail company selling MRO products for industrial partners and looking forward to develop an e-commerce website so they have hired us for the frontend development.
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Industry : E-Commerce

Project Summary

In need of a website for a retail company selling MRO products for our industrial partners. Warehouses more than 20,000 types of high-quality products are stored, which provide stable background both for the normal procurements and in case of possible breakdown of machines of our customers. We designed and developed the webshop frontend. As we have 20.000 types of products, and our customers will be B2B and B2C, it was not easy to plan the UX/UI for the webshop. Design elements to Frontend Design using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and Mobile responsive.

Image of UI UX
Image of Website Design


We delivered a fully responsive, pixel-perfect design. The Frontend Design using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.