Provis Technologies developed an e-commerce website for Mazout Prevot, a company specializing in fuel products.


Project insights

The website was created to enable customers to order fuel oil, gas, pellets, wood, and charcoal online, providing detailed product specifications and delivery scheduling options.


  • Custom-designed website using October CMS on the Laravel framework.
  • User registration for purchasing products.
  • Delivery availability and scheduling integrated.


The project faced significant challenges, including ensuring a smooth user experience for online ordering and payment, which was crucial for customer satisfaction. Additionally, managing delivery logistics for various products posed a complex problem, requiring efficient coordination and optimization to meet diverse customer needs and maintain service reliability.

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Glimpses of Mazout

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  • A fully functional e-commerce platform meeting all client requirements.
  • Improved market reach and customer convenience.

Client Testimonial


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The project went smoothly, Vivek was attentive and available to the different requests. The project has been online for more than a year now without any problem and Vivek was available for some small modifications along the way. I will not hesitate to call on him for future projects, I recommend him.


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