Provis Technologies Developed Digitally Advanced Platform to Provide an Enriching User Experience

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What is Reztorer? - The Backstory

Reztorer was launched by Joseph and William in 2020. The motive behind developing the pre-eminent platform was to connect customers with sofa and home interior restoration, repair, and refurbishment professionals.

The growing demand appeared to be a great opportunity. In 2021, they expanded their services and launched a new, upgraded, and improved site comprising watches, jewelry, and alterations services, too, with direct communication and payment.

They knew the pain points of users and responded accordingly. The aim was to assist customers in preserving the antiques and renewing them instead of throwing them away.

What energises them the most is providing customers with alternatives to purchasing new ones.

From home furnishings and watches to antiques, jewelry, and alterations, Reztorer knows how to preserve your valuables and precious ones.

What were the Reztorer’s Principal Requirements?

Reztorer’s basic requirement was to work on the existing website and make all the necessary changes.

Although the design and theme were provided by the client, they asked Provis to set up the payment on the website with the escrow feature and the it will be released from the backend.

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What did Provis face as complex challenges?

The strenuous challenge in front of Provis was studying the complete code dependencies and understanding the functioning of existing platforms to add and remove new code in a seamless manner.

As it was an existing platform, it required more attention so that website speed remained unaffected.

And the last challenge was escrow payment.

We at Provis not only finished the project in a given time but performed quality control at every stage to provide the required functionality.

The platform we provided was responsive, glitch-free, and robust. The project was developed as per the client’s expectations and requirements.

Theme Customization and Cleaning the unused code-
Site Performance
Escrow Payment
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Theme Customization and Cleaning the unused code-
Site Performance
Escrow Payment