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What is Shugulika all about –and what is the portal’s mission that lifts it beyond the ordinary?

Shugulika Africa Limited was established in 2008 as Shugulika Recruitment. It has now metamorphosed into the larger Shugulika Africa Limited.

Shugulika Africa Limited has over 12 years’ industry experience as a quality job portal. The company has placed job aspirants in a wide variety of job roles, across different industries. Starting with East Africa, the company has broadened its horizons into the rest of Africa.

There is a strong social mission behind Shugulika that lifts it above being any other ordinary job portal. In the words of its Founder & CEO, Sabiha Somji:

“Shugulika Africa Limited has been operational for over a decade. We are in the business of helping people get fulfilling roles and helping organizations get the right fit for their vacancies. Our goal is to showcase all available jobs so job seekers can keep furthering their careers, and employers can look for employees with skills that will add value.
On the Shugulika Africa website, you can search unique job listings from the companies we work with across Africa, and the candidates we showcase from all over the continent. We are broadening our reach, and therefore your reach. Shugulika Africa Limited is building networks across the continent.”

The brief that Shugulika gave Provis to get the job portal constructed

When Shugulika connected up with Provis , the company wanted a sturdy and scalable job portal that could achieve all of these goals:

  • Job seekers should be able to fill out forms, and automatically these forms would translate into resumes they could download as PDFs or keep on the site, with the facility to update these from time to time.
  • Likewise, potential employers could also post their job availabilities on the site, with full details of the types of skills and candidates they are looking for. Old jobs could be removed or new ones placed as vacancies got filled. Jobs could also be extended on their deadlines.
  • While candidates would not have to make payments, companies wanting to post their jobs would be offered a tiered pricing structure, depending on how many jobs they wanted to post on the portal and how often.
  • Shugulika would act as the bridge between job givers and job seekers by helping alert job seekers (via SMS and/or other mobile alerts) whenever jobs that matched their credentials appeared on the site. The company would offer this as a service by offering candidates the right match job based on categories of jobs and hashtags.
  • Shugulika, in addition to matchmaking between candidates and companies would also offer services like headhunting for senior positions; recruitment assistance like shortlisting candidates, screening, interviewing, and doing reference checks; psychometric testing of candidates; and offering upskilling training in certain spheres.
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What did Provis develop as a solution for Shugulika - and what was the challenge?

Provis developed all the features required by the client, joining hands with the company to collaborate on their mission to help job seekers in Africa. In developing the solution, there were three principal challenges for Provis.

There had to be integration with several local and distant banks to offer payment solutions for participating companies that wanted to place job postings.

There also had to be integration with diverse mobile connectivity companies to offer SMS alerts and other mobile data to serve candidates.

As a continent with several developing countries (like Tanzania itself), the connectivity issues in Africa were typically lean – and, therefore, mobile phone delivery of the portal’s features had to be catered for as the prime devices on which the portal would be seen and interacted with.

Overall, the major achievement of Provis was in providing a scalable portal for the client and a smooth user experience to customers of the Shugulika site.

We, at Provis, implemented this project in a better-than-expected time frame, with quality control at every stage. We tested the site thoroughly to achieve working functionality of every feature, perfectly as per client expectations.

Real time Data from Stock Exchange
Real Time Alerts by Custom CMS
Multiple Data Mining APIs Integration
Scalable Solution for Huge Data
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Real time Data from Stock Exchange
Real Time Alerts by Custom CMS
Multiple Data Mining APIs Integration
Scalable Solution for Huge Data

Words from the client that made us feel proud of our achievement!

It was extremely satisfying to us to hear from the client these words of praise for our solution:

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“It took a month to build and launch the site, and internal stakeholders appreciated that they can monitor their order volumes and cross-sell more products. Provis Technologies was tech-savvy, understanding all technologies involved and picking up new ones when necessary.”

-- Sabiha Somji, Founder & CEO

At Provis, we deeply value such words of appreciation we have received from our client for the work we completed to satisfaction.

More than that, we value the relationship we have built with our client and are glad to have been associated with a noble endeavor.

We are glad that we have given our client a robust and evolvable solution that has grown from its original geography to now cover almost all of Africa. The Shugulika portal can always rely on Provis, for further help with growing its features as needed in the future.

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