Provis Technologies Developed a Full-Featured and Functionality-Rich WooCommerce Plugin

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What is Tanks and vessels? And what was the purpose behind the creation of the platform?

Founded in 1979, Tanks and Vessels is well known for reliability. The ability to provide cost-effective and quality solutions made them a leading equipment supplier to the food and beverage, chemical, waste, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Tanks and Vessels usually stock at least 1,000 used vessels and 1,000 pumps, ranging in size from 100 liters to 200,000 liters, in stainless steel, GRP, or mild steel. They have a stock of over 1000 used pumps, together with valves, filters, centrifuges, and fittings.

The drive for success makes them a leading and reliable firm. The aim is to position the company as a market leader in the supply of equipment solutions to the hygienic process industries. With the rising competition, they are expanding manufacturing divisions and equipment acquisitions.

They offer both new and used equipment at extremely attractive prices.

What Were the Tanks and Vessels’ Principal Requirements?

Tanks and vessels asked for a solution to export all products in CSV for the Resale API.

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What complex challenges did Provis face?

They wanted a solution to export all products in CSV for the Resale API. So we created a plugin to export all the products in CSV format. They asked for a number of changes in the website's design and structure.

We at Provis Technologies took a detailed understanding of the client's requirements and the existing platform to build a reliable and scalable solution. Being an e-commerce application, it had a number of features, so we created different development phases and rolled out the web application successfully.

We created the fully featured and functionality-rich plugin within the given time frame, and now it’s working correctly on the website.

Theme Customization and Cleaning the unused code-
Site Performance
Escrow Payment
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Theme Customization and Cleaning the unused code-
Site Performance
Escrow Payment