We maximized conversions on online paid ads for an ecommerce store

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What is Yeebo all about – and what is the business mission that takes it beyond being just another ecommerce store?

The store also has a great array of home décor items.

Yeebo is essentially an ecommerce outlet specializing in unique, handcrafted personal ethnic wear and accessories. Although the designs are based on the finest textile traditions and craftsmanship from all over India, the final couture is very Western in its fashion sense … and therefore every piece is a blend of both the East and the West.

Yeebo has its motto the Hindi slogan “Poore Bharat ka dukaan”, which translates as “The whole of India is one big shop!” Sourcing locally and selling globally is thus the mission.

As the Yeebo app states:

“ Yeebo is an ecommerce store which is built on the Shopify platform, and it provides handmade products crafted by Indian artisans.”

The store needed a complementary paid advertising campaign that could augment its sales through greater exposure online … which is how Provis came into the picture.

The brief that Yeebo gave Provis to get the paid ads campaign to perform better

At the time that Yeebo and Provis came together, Yeebo had tried some Google Ads campaigns, which unfortunately were not delivering a good return on investments.

Another problem was that Yeebo had been unable to promote all categories of products it had in the store through Facebook ads. There was a limitation on both ad creation and ad conversion.

Provis had the mandate to audit what was going wrong and to recommend a sound paid ads campaign strategy that could deliver far better results than ever before.

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What did Provis develop as a solution for Yeebo - and
what was the challenge?

1. Services: In the area of services, Provis provided both Google Ads Management as well as the Facebook Ads Audit and Strategy.

2. Campaigns: In the area of campaigns, Provis handled the entire Performance Maximization mandate as well as the Shopping Campaign for the store.

Faced Low Sales and ROAS as per Initial Briefing
Created Several Testing Campaigns
Done Changes on Website Product page to get more ROAS
Optimised the Campaigns to increase sales and Average order Value
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Faced Low Sales and ROAS as per Initial Briefing
Created Several Testing Campaigns
Done Changes on Website Product page to get more ROAS
Optimised the Campaigns to increase sales and Average order Value

Provis first conducted an audit of existing Facebook ads campaigns and the Catalog Sales campaigns.

They required some solid improvements.

Provis suggested a campaign strategy which had a changed goal: instead of going with the Link Clicks Optimization plan that the client had used previously, Provis recommended a goal of setting targets for Landing Page Views.

This strategy also enabled better retargeting of traffic for Facebook Catalog Sales ads as well as Google Ads.

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Looking at the finer details of what Provis did for Yeebo, here are the highlights:

We helped Yeebo identify their winning products and we recommended channelizing and skewing all marketing strategy towards these flagship products, to be able to generate much higher revenue with good profit margins. The flagship products could then create positive tailwinds for the other products.

Using this strategy, we helped Yeebo maximize the potential of their store to a substantial and remarkable extent. We were able to deliver an average of $25000 per month revenue (converted from Indian Rupees which was our primary currency of revenues). We also enabled exponential conversions, with an extraordinary Return On Ad Spends (ROAS) ranging between 7X and 10X per month, for a sustained period of between 2-3 months when we ran the campaigns.

Concurrent with these macro-level gains, we also tweaked the Yeebo site to include certain features calculated to galvanize the returns potential.

These included ideas like:

Showing both actual prices and marking down “sale prices” by 36% to increase impulse purchases.


Displaying products that we could cross-sell or upsell along with chosen products, so that the order sizes and order value per customer could be increased.


Adding in extra icons/labels to products to create a sense of superior value for buyers – such as “Best Price,” or “Handmade,” or “COD” (Cash On Delivery option availability). These acted as extra purchase incentives.


We also added in a five-star rating scale for products, so past buyers’ feedback could be converted to attractants for new buyers.


To add the FOMO factor to products (i.e., Fear Of Missing Out), we showed some products to have limited availability, to shorten purchase decision and gestation times.


To add the FOMO factor to products (i.e., Fear Of Missing Out), we showed some products to have limited availability, to shorten purchase decision and gestation times.

Ideas like these showcase the true value of Provis to customers like Yeebo

We don’t just do what clients tell us to do – we go “beyond the brief” to recommend ideas that are brand-boosting. These kinds of creative thinking and making revenue-generating suggestions have become the hallmark of our difference from competition.

In the screen shots alongside, the performance metrics show just a few of the high achievements we were able to score on.

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The numbers we racked up made us feel proud of our achievement!

Provis was able to deliver such substantial increases in traffic, conversions, revenue, and Returns On Ad Spends as a result of the cumulative effect of all these ideas above used in tandem.

To be able to provide an ROAS of between 7X and 10X in just 2-3 months, for an ecommerce store, competing with giants in the space, is no mean feat.

Provis was able to pin down the multiplicatory potential of the recommended Yeebo ad campaigns by proving their strategy through test runs … which the client could then continue with.

What thrills us is the way were able to signpost a success route for the client Yeebo

To make clients eternally dependent on us is not our way, at Provis. We would rather recommend and demonstrate the validity of our project strategies to empower our clients.

This is what we did for Yeebo … such that we have delivered a model of paid ad campaign plans that Yeebo can continue with.

We are glad that we have given our client a robust and evolvable solution that has amply justified the ad spend level with the results obtainable.