Our Story

The Provis Back Story − How And Why We Started This
Company And Led It To Its Success

The Inspiration

The three key heads at Provis Technologies today − Geetika, Vivek, and Anish − started life in Business management, software architecture and programmers. We had individual careers at various renowned Indian and international companies, serving full-time, and growing up the ladder of software development.

But despite being employed individually, we found ourselves gravitating together and burning the midnight oil to handle freelance projects that were non-competitive but more challenging than the ones we worked on at the firms where we were on the payroll. We relished the opportunity to work at something different and new all the time.

Life before Provis started with 6 small-to-medium clients, and about 3 extra freelance coders we outsourced to, when projects were beyond the time available to our core team. We worked for our clients without stinting effort. We became part of them as we completed their projects for them.

When projects demanded new skills we upskilled ourselves to meet clients’ needs. We mastered new technologies so that we could never have to say “no” to any client. And when projects were completed, we lived in great anticipation of clients’ kudos.

These four aims − of listening with care, of working with professionalism, of upskilling to catch up with evolving technologies, and of delivering beyond expectations − formed our simple credo. These were the guiding principles we followed assiduously for nearly 3 years before we arrived at a watershed moment.

The Inflection Point

In 2013, we landed a client that was big enough for us to have to offer more than just freelance services. Our first big client was the vault.exchange who gave us an order worth $50,000 per year. Plus, it was likely to become an ongoing project.

We toyed with the idea of setting up a development agency of our own – and suddenly the way forward became clear. We had come a long way serving many clients, often directing hired teams, and delivering on promises spectacularly.

We felt we had all the technical and managerial skills to form our company “Provis Technologies”. Jaipur, our home base, became the center of our operations. Each of us took on areas of responsibility that matched our passion.

Geetika helmed our business as the direction-setting with sales and management. Vivek took the responsibility for technology as our CTO/Executive Director. and Anish lead the workforce.

Our new office space at the heart of India’s royal Pink City, Jaipur, had an ambiance of excellence - and inspired us to hurry to work every morning. That wonderful anticipation of glorious days ahead has never left us.

We have never had to change our credo and work ethic, either. Though we formalized our working together as a company, the same principles we had always followed had brought us to the point where we could leap into the future.

We just decided to add something more to what we did. Since the projects we were now getting were larger, we decided to hire more expert coders, and we gave our projects the additional strong foundations of “robustness and scalability”

How Success Transformed Us

We’re proud to say that since 2018 we have completed close to 20+ small to medium projects worth $100000+, for clients from 30 different geographies - and as many as 80% clients are those that have given us repeat orders.

Our service repertoire covers 10+ verticals, and we have developed as many as 80+ different technology skills. The quest for learning more and doing more is endless. We are continually looking for types of work we’ve never done before just so that we can further sharpen our knowledge base and be able to add to our proficiencies.

We have a team of 30+ experts with several sub-teams working under them. Along with high skill and speed, our quality control has by now become a benchmark for the digital solutions industry (ISO 9001), and we work to high industry standards on accessibility (NDA & ADA). We plan and execute projects using Agile Working Environments.

As technology has evolved, so have we. We are adept with multi-device projects, including web projects and mobile projects. We are soon to include AI and VR technologies into our spectrum of services as well.

The “WHY” That Energizes Us

As Simon Sinek, the noted author and inspirational speaker has said, “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

We too, at Provis, believe that a development agency like us has to have a strong “purpose-led” culture. That’s why we made “customer-centricity” our driving purpose and sense of mission. We have consciously developed in ourselves the ability to understand clients’ situations, perceptions and expectations.

Our projects are never about what we want to showcase, it’s always about delivering what our clients want. Every client should be at the center of all decisions we make related to delivering products, services, technologies and the resultant experiences of requirements fully met.

It’s also never only about client satisfaction, it’s always about client delight. This calls for an intelligent understanding of clients’ needs, and a carry-through of those insights into the projects we develop for them.

To know us and to see how well we fit with your project needs, give us a try. We cherish relationship-building and we will honor commitments and grow your business as sincerely as if it was our business. That’s a promise.