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The Vault Case Study

The Vault 

An Investor Relations Website

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A Unique and Comprehensive Software As A Service Web Application for Investor Relations


Provis Technologies designed and developed a SaaS application serving Banks, MNCs and Professionals built for Investor Relations. We engaged with the client to understand their in-depth requirements and provide a solution apt for their needs.


The Vault is an Investor Relations Application which serves two primary functions:

1. Investor Website Content Management

Designated group administrators can upload, edit and delete news releases, reports, calendar dates, shareholder analysis, director’ details and events.

2. Stakeholder Database Management

Subscribers can be added to, or join your group, in a number of different ways. Subscribers can edit their own profile details, as can the group administrators. Branded alerts and invitations can be sent to the group subscribers with a single click.

Once a subscriber is registered on Vault, they can join multiple company groups.


The Challenge was to implement an application that takes data from the Stock Exchange and furnish this to the subscribers. For this purpose, a number of APIs were developed and integrated. Also, it had huge data so creating a scalable solution was imperative along with providing active maintenance and support services.

Our Strategy

We took to understanding the in-depth requirements of the client to build a powerful and scalable solution. Being a huge SaaS application, it had ample of features so we created a different feature list for each development phase and versions of the web application.

We created a strong backend and database to manage bulk data and high traffic while providing an immersive front-end.

The Solution

As a result of our experience and hard work, we successfully developed a solution which is now serving 1000+ companies with:

  • 20000 investment professionals, media and retail investors receiving alerts.
  • Over 3M alerts issued to date.
  • More than 60 top issuers use the service on a daily basis.

It helps the organizations to:

  • De-risk your investor communications.
  • Improve your standing with the investment community.
  • Communicate with a 100% accurate database.
  • Seamlessly manage events and one-on-one’s.
  • Discover new investors.
  • Cut out time-wasting and improve efficiency.

We used the following Technologies:

“Working with Provis Technologies is an absolute pleasure! I am just impressed by their service quality and working strategy. They satisfied me to the full by delivering the exceptional solution. They have great expertise, are dedicated and care much about the client’s needs. Thank you”
Director, The Vault