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Android vs iOS Which is the Best Platform for App Development?

Android vs iOS Which is the Best Platform for App Development?

Let’s start with some facts & figures. Do you know that Android covers 70.7% of the total market share? While Apple holds 28.5% only – figures from Statista for 2024’s first quarter. Clearly, Android rules the market in terms of user strength. You will be surprised to know that Android, however, has the majority of the market – Apple users spend way more than Android users on apps and in-app purchases. The difference is significant enough to make it a tough choice between Android vs. iOS app development. So, if you are looking for app development and are confused between Android app development & iOS app development – this blog post will help.

Android App Development vs iOS App Development

There are some significant differences between the duo – so let’s start with the primary distinctions:

Programming languages

To develop any app, you need programming languages, so let’s talk about them first.


Objective-C & Swift – are the two popular apps developers use for iOS app development. Swift is known for its speed, advanced features, and excellent performance. It makes iOS app development easy & fun. Objective-C is the iOS ecosystem’s first programming language. That’s the reason it has a robust community & infrastructure. However, due to its complex structure, Objective-C demands some level of expertise for iOS app development.

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Java & Kotlin – these are the core Android app development programming languages. Java is known for its stability & security. Whereas Kotlin is kind of a more advanced version of Java and runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) only. Kotlin has fixed the drawbacks of Java to become a popular language. Today, most developers prefer Kotlin for Android app development due to its benefits & syntax conciseness.

Android app development
Source: Ace Infoway

Development Environment

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) has a source code editor, debugger, project management, and other tools you need to develop an application. 


Apple’s XCode IDE works well with Swift, and one can develop phenomenal UIs using Apple’s top-notch Interface Builder & Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). The drag & drop feature is one of the most favorite features of XCode. Simulators are used for app testing, and the Apple App Store is for app distribution.

iOS app development
Source: Apple Insider


Android developers use Android Studio IDE with Android SDK for Android app development tools, libraries, and APIs. Gradle Build System makes the app development process smooth by providing automation. Also, Android Studio has a robust source code editor & debugger.

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Design Differences -Android vs iOS App Development

This is one of the most significant differences between Android & iOS app development. The OS of both the software is totally different from one another.


iOS is known for its look & feel. The elegance & class it carries is really something. The minimalism wrapped in the pinches of simplicity & soft colors makes the iOS design elegant.

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Android designs are more about customization, animations, and rich layouts. The advantage of Android comes with the freedom of brand showcasing. You can incorporate your brand into the Android themes to make them your own – unlike iOS, which always talks about Apple.

Complexity of Development Side

The development side of the Android & iOS apps has a drastic difference.


iOS applications go through lesser fragmentation and changes than Android apps. The reason is the Apple ecosystem – completely controlled, closed, & almost predefined.

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Unlike iOS, Android apps can be a little more sophisticated to develop. The reason behind this is that Android is an open-source OS. Anyone can play with and offer limitless options of hardware specs, screen sizes, pixels, and all.

iOS, Android apps
Source: Medium

Development Costing

However, it depends on the size of the project – so this factor can vary.


Still to have an idea about the costs – since iOS applications are less complex to develop – thanks to Apple’s compact ecosystem – cost less than Android apps. If we are talking about the same project size here.


On the other hand, since a developer has limitless options to develop an Android app, it takes more time for Android projects. Hence, on average, they cost around 30-40% more than iOS app development projects. Yet, the costs vary from project to project.

iOS app development projects
Source: Ego

ROIs – Android vs iOS App Development


As we mentioned at the beginning, since iOS users spend more on apps – iOS apps attract better ROIs (Return on Investments) than Android apps.

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On the other hand, Android users spend less on apps. So, its app has less ROI. For instance, in 2020, iOS users have spent around $24.7 billion on apps & in-app purchases. Whereas Android users spent $6.7 billion. You can clearly observe.

Android users spend less on apps
Source: Statista

Bottom Line

There could be many more factors, like – your requirements and the purpose behind the app development, what are the market scenarios at the time of development, how much time you have to launch the app and many more. You must assess your goals and check out the differences mentioned above – then you can make an informed decision. You can also go for cross-platform applications, also called hybrid apps, which work on both platforms. 

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If you need any help with app development – connect with us – we provide Android and iOS app development services and cross-platform app development.


What programming languages are used for Android and iOS app development?

Java & Kotlin for Android. Objective-C & Swift for iOS.

Which is the best mobile app development agency for Android & iOS app development?

Provis Technologies is one of the best mobile app development agencies for Android & iOS app development.

Which app can give higher returns – iOS or Android?

iOS can give you better ROI because iOS users spend more on apps and in-app purchases than Android users.

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