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Provis Technologies is one of the leading Kotlin App Development companies. Utilizing this powerful platform, we build result-oriented applications.

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Our Kotlin App Development Services

Our Kotlin App Development Process

What is Kotlin?

An open-source, statically typed programming language used mainly for Android Mobile App Development. It provides object-oriented programming and functional programming. It is similar to Java with some added features.

Other than Mobile apps, Kotlin is used for server-side applications, multi-platform mobile app development, data science, and full-stack web development. It supports Java class libraries and is widely used for Android mobile apps for iOS, Linux, and Apple Watch OS.

Kotlin Features

The compiler in Kotlin generates the byte code which runs on JVM. The Kotlin language can be used on various platforms, saving time for writing & maintaining the code on different platforms.

  • Null Safety
  • Extension
  • Operator Overloading
  • Open-Source
  • Supports Java Interoperability
  • Reduces Crashes at Runtime

Why Kotlin App?

Kotlin is simple, easy to use, and has libraries. It concentrates on stipped-down functional code and removes boilerplate redundancy.

The extensions in Kotlin language add to the functionality of the platform. As Kotlin is interoperable with Java, the Java file is easily convertible with just a script. Kotlin supports Lambada and Smartcasts. The null safety helps in lessening the issues associated with null references.

The data class in Kotlin gives self-generated code to keep away from method implementation within the class. As a secured platform, it avoids the errors that leave vulnerabilities in the code.

  • Data classes
  • Intuitive syntax
  • Backend support
  • Compatible
  • Big community support
  • Concise code
  • Smart cast function

Looking for Kotlin App Development Services?


It is an easy-to-use platform with the following benefits:

  • Null safety
  • Backend support
  • Compatible
  • Big community support
  • Concise code

We are dedicated to every client. Our primary focus is on the client's goals regardless of business size. We deliver projects with authenticity.

Cost is different for each project as every project demands a unique approach. Discuss your project with us - and we will give you the estimate.

Yes! We provide round-the-clock support to ensure regular updates and maintenance.

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