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The top online food delivery apps in the world

The top online food delivery apps in the world

Everyone loves the idea of comfortable dining with amazing restaurant food. As a result, the food delivery market has witnessed a significant rise over the past few years. There might be one or two food delivery apps on your phone. These apps made our lives easier by delivering food anytime and anywhere. 

Every app competes with another to deliver food quickly and at nominal rates. Above all, customers are willing to pay extra for doorstep delivery service. As a result, many apps launched their premium or subscription models for some additional benefits. 

From premium restaurants to tea points, every restaurant delivers to your doorstep. And the reason behind this sudden growth is a corporate-driven society. 

According to recent research, since 2014, the online food delivery industry has seen a growth rate 300% higher than dine-in, and revenue generation in the food delivery industry has expanded by 204%. And the numbers are consistently rising with every passing year. 

Online ordering has been beneficial to low-income and small restaurants in many ways. And as per recent reports, the online food delivery industry will reach USD 200 billion by 2025. 

Some apps are ruling the market today because of their user-friendly approach. Not only consumers, but the app also focuses on business. 

But with rising competition, new apps are getting launched, and needing clarification with various options is normal. So let’s dive into the top 7 food delivery apps.


  1. DoorDash 

Food delivery apps

Image Credit – DoorDash

DoorDash is a well-known and widely-preferred food delivery app. It provides services in over 300 cities in 32 markets. It allows food ordering from local and international restaurants, groceries, snacks, alcohol, and essentials.

DoorDash allows customers to schedule deliveries with no-contact delivery. It has a subscription model that provides free delivery along with special discounts on their order values. The best thing about DoorDash is that it has no minimum order value. It is known for its commitment to offering quality food and on-time delivery.

It has 32 million users and generated a revenue of $6.58 billion in 2022, a 34% increase from last year. 

The reason behind popularity –

  • On-time delivery 
  • Delivers groceries
  • Quality food


  1. GrubHub 

Food delivery apps

Image Credit – GrubHub

GrubHub was launched in 2004, and since then, it has covered more than 30,000 restaurants in more than 8000 US cities. The company tried the first mover advantage and acquired some companies after that. 

In 2013, Grubhub and Seamless announced the merger of the two companies which Grubhub now owns.

Initially, it started with an order-only model, but with rising competition, in 2014, it started offering an order-and-delivery model. It partners with new and various restaurants and cafes, and most do not charge delivery fees.

It provides live, 24/7 customer support. Customers can track their orders in real time. In addition, it provides plenty of coupons and discounts. 

It generated a revenue of $2.1 billion in 2021 and continues to grow, with a 16% increase yearly. It has 33.8 million active users. 

 The reason behind popularity –

  • Multiple coupons and discounts
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Real-time order tracking 


  1. Zomato     

online food delivery apps

Image Credit – Zomato

Zomato is one of the most reliable food delivery apps. It provides various options for food within the app. It gives a list of the best nearby restaurants. According to different people’s choices, like roof-top, indoor dining, clubs, and garden sitting, it provides a curated list of restaurants under these categories. 

It is known for on-time food delivery. 

It provides the option of viewing every restaurant’s menu, ratings, contact information, map directions, and images, which makes it easy for users to select. Zomato is available in several countries. In addition, it provides contactless delivery options. 

It offers a theme-based list of top eateries and lets users reserve tables directly through the app. 

It increased its market share to 55% in FY22. 

The reason behind popularity –

  • Review feature
  • Complete user profile
  • Restaurant menu with approx. charges for dining 
  • Sorting based on user’s preference


  1. Deliveroo 

Online food delivery apps

Image Credit – Deliveroo

Deliveroo has a curated list of restaurants, from luxury to budget eateries. In addition, the app is known for safe delivery to the doorstep. It provides services in several countries. 

It is a London-based food delivery app that serves over 200 cities. Along with food, it delivers groceries to the doorstep. It works on an order-and-delivery model. It has a subscription model for providing additional benefits to customers. The key differentiator is allowing businesses to place group orders with the team. 

If a customer wants to customize the order, it comes with the option of leaving order notes. 

In 2021, it generated £1.8 billion in revenue, with a yearly rise of 50%. In 2022, the brand value was £1.4 billion, lower than the previous financial year. 

Reason behind popularity 

  • Access to discounts and coupons 
  • Delivers groceries 
  • Group orders 


  1. Uber Eats    

uber eats- food app

Image Credit – Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the world’s largest food delivery apps. After its launch in 2016, it made giant strides in the food delivery industry. Uber eats allows browsing by restaurant names, dishes, and cuisines. 

Customers can order in groups, and it allows scheduling the order later so that customers can pick it up when needed. As it offers the option of a shared cart, you can reduce the number of delivery people coming for different orders. Payments can be easily made with an Uber account. 

Ubereats generated a revenue of $ 8.3 billion, with a consistent rise of 72% every year.

Reason behind popularity 

  • Simple reorders 
  • Group orders 
  • Orders with a shared cart 
  • Schedule later delivery options


  1. Swiggy

Swiggy - Food app

Image Credit – Swiggy

Swiggy is a leading food delivery app in India. It operates in more than 520 cities. It delivers groceries and daily essentials under the name Swiggy Instamart. Swiggy is known for its rapid delivery. 

With millions of active users, the platform has a high rating and great reviews. One of the many advantages of Swiggy is no minimum order policy. It charges commissions on orders and certain delivery charges from customers. 

By the end of 2023, it may see a growth of 10-15% in delivery partners. Swiggy witnessed a 27% growth in sales in FY21 and managed to grow 2.2X to Rs 5,705 crore in FY22. 

Reason behind popularity 

  • Fast delivery 
  • Delivers groceries
  • Live order tracking 


  1. Just Eat 

Just Eat - food app

Image Credit – Just Eat

Just Eat Takeaway is a leading European food delivery app established in 2001. The company is a merger of Takeaway and Just Eat. It partners with more than 80,000 restaurants and provides great services.

It is a meal delivery search engine for nearby restaurants. The app finds nearby takeout restaurants and provides the option between pickup and delivery. 

It generated a revenue of €3.4 billion, with a consistent rise of 45% yearly. 

Reason behind popularity 

  • Coupon codes 
  • Excellent search features 
  • Finds nearby takeout restaurants 


Final Thoughts 

Food delivery apps made our lives easy by delivering to our doorstep. Also, there is no need to stand in a long line at a grocery store on Sundays, as some food delivery apps also deliver groceries.

As aforementioned, there are numerous apps on the market today, and every app provides the best services. According to recent reports, the food delivery industry is set to reach USD 200 billion by 2025.

Every new app comes with better services to provide a great customer experience.

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